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Happy New Year!
I hope you are looking forward to what the Lord has in store for us all this coming year!  I certainly am.  In recent years I have joined some of my brothers and sisters in asking the Lord to give me a “Word” for the new year, a word that will speak into His plans for me, giving me a glimpse of the ministry He is calling me to.  This year, the Lord gave me the word, CHANGE. I took a big gulp and began trying to settle into that word once He spoke it into my heart.  What could that mean for me?  My family?  My ministry?  Before I had time to work up any anxiety over the mystery surrounding a word that felt a little imposing, if I am to be completely honest, the Holy Spirit reminded me that when our faithful and loving Father has change in store for us, the change is always for the better.  His plans for us are ALWAYS good!  So, I am embracing CHANGE this year!  And I will prayerfully be making a few changes as I move forward in ministry as I wait to see what changes He has in mind begin to unfold.  My first change is to be more intentional in staying in contact with those of you who have encouraged me so much in ministry.  The Lord has blessed me with a beautiful circle of believing friends that I have met through different circumstances.  Some I have met through ministry, others from school, some I have helped with their mortgage financing, and others I have met through mutual friendships.  Regardless of how our paths have connected, I consider myself so very blessed to call you friend.  And I feel the Lord leading me to keep you apprised of where He is sending me on the mission field.  Another change is a new assignment Holy Spirit has given me.  He is calling me to offer ministry events called “The Trading Floor” where women will trade the burdens they have been carrying in exchange for what the Lord desires them to have, instead.  Through worship, testimony, and ministry of the Holy Spirit, a sacred space will be created where heavenly exchanges can be made – beauty for ashes, joy for mourning, the garment of praise for the spirit of despair, healing for illness, disease and  heartache, trust for fear, grace for forgiveness, restoration for brokenness.  The Lord has something extraordinary in store for His beloved daughters and I am so grateful that I will get to be a front row witness to it!  I also know that I am to write a new book titled the same, “The Trading Floor.”  And it will be a book guiding the readers through inner healing in many areas which will not only include pieces of my healing testimonies but testimonies from the women from these events.  And praise God, He is already beginning to fill my calendar with these events!  If upon reading this, The Spirit stirs your heart and compels you to want to learn more about them, please let me know.  I would be so honored for you to host one for your church or women’s group.  But the highest honor and all the glory always goes to Him!
Bless you, my beautiful friends!  And brace yourself for a glorious Year of the Lord!!!Love,  Lisa

My New Vlog Is Coming Soon!

Another new thing I am starting this year is a Vlog on YouTube inviting my followers to come along with me as I pursue the things I love, learning valuable lessons along the way, and hopefully inspiring someone, anyone, to try new things. Above all else, I pray my viewers will see how good our God is and how He desires us to not only pursue Him but to pursue our dreams and live life large.  It is called “A Work In Progress” because I am well aware that I am an imperfect wife, mother, sister and daughter.  But, I love our faithful God who is continuing to do His good work within me. I am definitely an improved version of who I was yesterday!  (Thank goodness!)  It has never been an ambition of mine to have people “follow” me. My deepest desire is that they will follow Jesus!  But what I want people to see, if and when they view my Vlog, is that pursuing the ministry the Lord is calling us to doesn’t mean we can’t have a wonderful, adventurous, fulfilling life. You don’t have to lock yourself up in a monastery atop the tallest mountain away from the rest of the world.  How could we possibly share the Good News of Jesus Christ while in seclusion, anyway? It instead means living your life unto Him, all of it – work, play, hobbies, family, scuba diving, and yes, ministry.  I hope you will come along with me on this new adventure.  Those of you who know me well, know that I am literally all over the map with things I like to try. I suspect my Vlog will be he same!

If you would like more information about booking “The Trading Floor” event for your church or group, please let me know as soon as possible so I can get you on my calendar!  I will be offering this event on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sunday evenings.  Other week days might be possible with plenty of notice.

To receive more information about “The Trading Floor“, “Click Here.”


Sold to the Highest Bidder is the true story of God’s relentless love for a young girl who was sold on the black market at the age of two followed by a childhood riddled with abuse. Out of the darkness emerged a butterfly…

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