Lisa Leigh Miller is a wife, mother, pastor, Oklahoma author, vocalist, musician, and lover of God.  For several years, she has led women in ministry, inspiring them to join her in pursuing a deeper and more intimate relationship with Jesus.  Lisa has been the keynote speaker at women’s Christian retreats, a mentor to other survivors of abuse, and a counselor to bereaved parents.  She has long been an advocate for abused and orphaned children and a CASA volunteer before becoming a licensed pastor.  She is now certified in the prevention and intervention of human trafficking and speaks to groups to bring awareness to the growing industry of child sex trafficking and what they can do to help stop it.  Her story testifies to the powerful healing grace of God.  He miraculously delivered her and brought her to the other side of tremendous heartache and loneliness.  She has now dedicated her life to sharing her personal testimony because what God has done for her, He desires to do for all.